Useful Windows Shortcuts

This tutorial lists a few useful windows shortcuts for advanced users and beginners. Keyboard shortcuts can save time, in addition they are useful if you need to work on a computer which doesn’t have a mouse.   +  +  Brings up task manager.    +  Toggles between open windows.    +  Closes open window.  

Computer Storage Sizes Explained

How many Megabytes are in a Gigabyte? How many Gigabytes are in a Terabyte? Chances are these are the types of questions you have asked yourself when buying a new computer, MP3 player or just about anything that uses digital storage. Unfortunately sales assistants like to rip people off to line their pockets with that

The History Of The Internet

Welcome to the history of the Internet. For some people the history of the Internet can be quite a boring subject, so to make the article more entertaining a few pieces of obvious fiction have been added in. History of the Internet 1858 – 1866 The creation of the transatlantic cable enabled direct communication over

Run Command Shortcuts In Windows

Using the run command can save time and also be useful if a copy of Windows is damaged or not working correctly. To access the run command hold down your Windows key and push the letter ‘R’ at the same time. You should see a window that looks like this: You just type the command